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Twin Sails and Brasserie Dunham Le Quench Du Soif Wild IPA

This collab from Brasserie Dunham and Twin Sails is gorgeous! Le Quench Du Soif is crisp and light for 7% ABV with a fruity and funky flavour. There is a lot going on with this beer, but it maintains a balance making it highly drinkable. Extra points for super cool label art!


Beau’s All Natural Buenos Días Gruit Ale

Beau’s All Natural Brewing (from Ontario) sent me some beers to try a few weeks ago and I had saved the Buenos Días Gruit Ale for last as it sounded the most intriguing. Made using orange peel, lime peel, lime juice and a touch of sea salt, and just a touch of hops. On the very first sip there isn’t much going on, just crisp malt flavour and a good amount of carbonation. Then the citrus flavours develop with a little bitter bite, finishing off slightly salty. Reminds me of drinking a Corona right after doing a proper tequila shot, minus the tequila. Very refreshing and an interesting concept, but this might be a bit out there flavour wise for traditionalists.