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Red Collar Brewing Impeachment Wit

Can I give a shout out to how wonderful it is that more and more breweries are able to offer their delicious brews in cans for the outdoor-minded craft beer drinker? Cuz bombers and swimming holes just don’t mix. Impeachment from @redcollarbrewing is a superbly refreshing wheat beer that really delivers the peach experience with a light sweetness and full body, played off with just a hint of bitterness to keep it crisp. Dee-lish!


Today’s Beer: January 17


Today’s Beer: I was given Postmark’s Winter Wheat Ale for Christmas and felt like it would come in handy to brighten my day. First impression is a strong wheat aroma and flavour, finishing crisp and dry. After the first sip I was able to detect a light orange scent, and flavour that turns into a warm bitterness at the finish. Using the mandarina hops and ale yeast give a Pacific Northwest spin on flavours (orange and coriander) that I usually associate with a Belgian wheat beer. Overall, a very bright and refreshing beer, and the sun even decided to peek out from behind the clouds when I went out to take the photo! Mother Nature approves.


Today’s Beer: September 11


Today’s Beer: I finally found a bottle of Dageraad’s De Witte and it’s every bit as good as it’s reputation makes it out to be! The aroma is wonderful – big hits of passionfruit and citrus. Taste starts out crisp, and fruity, then moves into building tartness with just a hint of a bitter finish. Just, wow. I’m so impressed with Dageraad and happy that Metro in Kelowna is getting more selection from them!