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Coast Mountain Brewing The Surveyor IPA

I haven’t had any beer reviews up for a while because my poor phone was killed by an errant pint of beer, which I suppose that although untimely it was the best death it could have had. The bright side is my new phone takes AMAZING photos and in excels in low light too so expect the standards on my feed to go way up! 📸 👍. This particular beer, the Surveyor IPA from Coast Mountain Brewing has been waiting for its turn since I picked it up from Mike (of Mike’s Craft Beer) at the end of February. Gorgeous amber color with minimal head it is a malt-forward IPA that rings in at 7%. Hop aroma is citrusy with a hint of the tropics and a touch of resin – Coast Mountain lists it as containing Columbus, Chinook, Eukanot and Citra. Flavour is grainy with a moderately bitter finish.