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Dageraad X Steamworks East of East Van Saison

I am a big Saison fan, the more into beer I get the more I appreciate the funky, spicy and complex flavours from this style. I’m also a big fan of Steamworks and Dageraad, so imagine my excitement when this collaboration, East of East Van, was released! A mild spring evening seemed like the perfect time to crack this open! I’m not sure if it’s the additions or the beer itself but this is one of the best Saisons I’ve had in a while; nice creamy body with a hint of citrusy tartness blending into spicy complexity. I can pick out the white pepper addition, it blends in nicely with the yeast, but leaves a lingering spice behind. The other addition is black lime, which I looked up and is basically a dried lime. I’m not confident I know what that tastes like, but there does seem to be a citrus element that is over and above what I’d expect from a Saison. It’s the kind of beer I immediately want more of… Good thing I remembered seeing a bottle or two hanging out at the local shop, I’m gonna get a few more to enjoy later on this summer!