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Today’s Beer: July 7


Today’s Beer: it’s another Thirsty Thursday and this Spruce Tip Ale from Postmark is sure hitting the spot! A golden ale base with Cascade hops and Vancouver Island spruce tips. The spruce aroma is subtle, but it became more pronounced as my beer warmed up – smells faintly of Christmas Trees. Flavourwise its a well balanced ale with a bit of zing from the cascade hops, and then a cooling menthol-like finish from the spruce. Even though it smells like a holiday beer, the cooling effect is quite nice for the summer heat. Some might find it a bit intense in comparison with other tree-flavoured beers on the market (this year there seems to be quite a few, are spruce tips the new pumpkin?) but if you’re looking for a more noticeable spruce flavour this is your beer!