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Today’s Beer: November 11


Today’s Beer: had a long drive out to Radium Hot Springs today, and after a nice soak I’m capping things off with this beautiful beer from Fuggles and Warlock. When I was at GCBF they had a keg of the Rei Boysenberry Sour that I never even got to try because the line-up was stretched across the field the whole day. After my first sip I can see why, it’s so tart and refreshing, beautiful rich red colour, deep berry aroma and flavour with just a hint of a wheat finish. My sister, who is a cider-head couldn’t believe that beer could taste like this!


Today’s Beer: November 27


Today’s Beer: De Auras Wheat Sour from Driftwood. This pours a beautiful golden red colour, and has a fruity, tangy aroma. Taste is a bit sweet, then very tart, finishing with a strong wheat flavour. I wish there was a bit more info on this beer available, I’m curious to know more about how it was made, but Driftwood’s website isn’t giving away many details. Overall quite refreshing and the wheat twist keeps it interesting.