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Moon Under Water Brewery Blackcurrant Copper Kettle Sour

The Blackcurrant Copper Kettle Sour by Moon Under Water Brewery is quite fitting for Valentine’s Day with it’s beautiful ruby-red hue. Aroma is tart with a hint of juicy blackcurrant. Flavour is tart upfront, softening into wheat then tart again with blackcurrant prominent on the finish. Very delicate with subtle flavours that come out with each sip. I paired it with some peppered goat cheese from Salt Spring Island Cheese and it’s a match made in heaven! ❤🍻🐐❤


Today’s Beer: Dec 19

I had wanted to get my hands on the collaboration between Modern Times and Strange Fellows ever since I’d heard of it. Strange Times for Modern Fellows is a delicious and delicate sour beer. Brewed with pale and wheat malt and given a mixed fermentation including brett and lacto along with saison yeast this beer is complex in both flavour and aroma. Mosaic hops were used and the end result is a beer dripping with tropical flavour and aroma – think mango, pineapple, citrus, guava and lychee. A moderate amount of tartness, just on the edge of dominating the flavour but not quite, ending with a dry finish. So good. I’m not sure if there is any left on any shelves out there but if you come across some you’ll want to pick this up!


Today’s Beer: September 24


Today’s Beer: Got the weekend started off right with a hike up Giant’s Head Mountian and a Berliner Weisse from Four Winds at the top. This is one of my favourite beers from this summer, tart, flavourful and intensely refreshing. I’ll probably be drinking less of this style as the cold weather moves in so needless to say I’m really savouring this today!


Today’s Beer: August 14


Today’s Beer: brewed in the Berliner Weisse style, the Apricot Sour from Red Collar scored 3 “dangs” out of 4. This is the summer of Berliner Weisses and I just can’t get enough of these low alcohol sour-wheat beers. The sourness of this one is mellowed by the sweetness of the apricots to create a very refreshing experience. The label is also very cool!


Today’s Beer: August 6


Today’s Beer: The Dry-Hopped Sour from Category 12 is the perfect beer for an evening on the lake. Aroma and flavour both start of with a sharp tartness followed by citrus and juicy fruit. Hopped with Mandarina Bavaria hops and Hüll Melon, which I’ve never tried before but I’d guess adds to the fruity flavour! I’m really digging the sour beers in this recent heat wave, this one is really hitting the spot!


Today’s Beer: June 22


Today’s Beer: I’d been eyeing this little gem for a while, thought about cellaring it, but after a rough day decided there was no time like the present to crack open Lil’ Red, Townsite’s Sour Red Ale. It seems like a lot of the sour beers out there have fruit or hop additions. It was nice to have a well-executed sour to show off just what the lacto and yeast can do in fermentation. It has notes of berries, followed by a well-balanced tartness and a complex flavour that I don’t really have words to describe! If you see a bottle hanging around somewhere, buy 2, one for now and one for later!


Today’s Beer: April 7


Today’s Beer: I’ve been waiting for the Parallel 49 Brews Brothers collaboration pack and had a really hard time picking the first one out of the amazing line up! The Boys Are Back In Town combines Four Winds Nectarous with P49’s Jerkface. Described as ‘pungent’ this is a majorly sour beer. I don’t know if I’ve ever had one this intense, but the fruity elements are there once you get past the pucker factor. Interesting but more of a one-timer than something you could drink on repeat. Can’t wait to see what other surprises this box has in store!


Today’s Beer: March 25


Today’s Beer: Bodhisattva is the newest release from Parallel 49’s impressive sour series. A dry-hopped wheat beer featuring Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo and Magnum hops. This is a tropical fruit bomb with a pleasant tang and light body. It tastes like candy. With alcohol. The best kind of candy! The Easter Bunny could leave a few more of these around for me!


Today’s Beer: March 3


Today’s Beer: I have been looking forward to trying this collab between Four Winds and Commons Brewery for a while, but had to hold back due to bronchitis. Needless to say the anticipation has been killing me, so today I was very excited to finally crack into this bottle! A fragrant floral and orchard fruit aroma with a hint of funk. The flavour is hard to nail down – tart, fruity, funky, a bit bitter with a very subtle apricot note that has to be sought out. This beer is an enigma that invites much more than one sip to puzzle out.


Today’s Beer: November 27


Today’s Beer: De Auras Wheat Sour from Driftwood. This pours a beautiful golden red colour, and has a fruity, tangy aroma. Taste is a bit sweet, then very tart, finishing with a strong wheat flavour. I wish there was a bit more info on this beer available, I’m curious to know more about how it was made, but Driftwood’s website isn’t giving away many details. Overall quite refreshing and the wheat twist keeps it interesting.