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Powell Beer Saison Cassis

I love cassis and I also love a nice Saison, so this bottle from Powell Beer was already looking like a winner even before I cracked the bottle. An aroma of deep black currant leads, followed by a peppery note from the Saison yeast. I really enjoyed the fact that while the cassis flavour is definitely present, the spicy Saison character is also given room to express itself and the beer remains quite dry despite the fruit addition. I’ve also had their Mango Saison, which was great but doesn’t quite hit the striking balance between fruit and yeast complexity that is present in the Cassis Saison


Today’s Beer: April 18


Today’s Beer: Fuggles and Warlock teamed up with Powell Street to produce Hikari, an imperial dry-hopped sourweisse. Once again, there is a lot happening within this beer! Aroma was mostly citrus and tropical with a bit of floral. The bottle says pineapple, but this tasted uncannily like guava to me, followed by lemony tartness, finishing with wheat. It’s hard to tell this beer is an imperial, coming in at 7.2%ABV. Overall this is another delicious sour, and quite refreshing which is good considering it’s 27° at my place right now!


Today’s Beer: April 16


Today’s Beer: Powell Street has won me over once again with their Mosaic Sour Belgian Wheat Ale. The combination of the hops, lacto and Belgian flavours is blowing me away. Big, juicy aroma with citrus and tropical fruits. The flavour follows the same trend, fruity tropical flavours mingle with a citrusy-tartness that mimics grapefruit juice, then moving on to a strong wheat finish. So very, very good. I’m going to be looking for a few more bottles of this, if you find one I’m sure it won’t last long so get some while you can!