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Today’s Beer: April 7


Today’s Beer: I’ve been waiting for the Parallel 49 Brews Brothers collaboration pack and had a really hard time picking the first one out of the amazing line up! The Boys Are Back In Town combines Four Winds Nectarous with P49’s Jerkface. Described as ‘pungent’ this is a majorly sour beer. I don’t know if I’ve ever had one this intense, but the fruity elements are there once you get past the pucker factor. Interesting but more of a one-timer than something you could drink on repeat. Can’t wait to see what other surprises this box has in store!


Today’s Beer: March 25


Today’s Beer: Bodhisattva is the newest release from Parallel 49’s impressive sour series. A dry-hopped wheat beer featuring Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo and Magnum hops. This is a tropical fruit bomb with a pleasant tang and light body. It tastes like candy. With alcohol. The best kind of candy! The Easter Bunny could leave a few more of these around for me!


Today’s Beer: July 21


This cherry sour from Parellel 49 is intense. Aromatic, this has big cherry flavour that starts sweet then finishes tart. It’s rather viscous and opaque, with lots of head on the pour that settled quickly. I probably wouldn’t want more than one of these in a row, but I’m going to cellar a bottle as I think this has some potential to get even more interesting as it ages.


Today’s Beer: July 6


Today’s Beer: Parallel 49’s Apricotopus, an apricot sour saison. Overall, this is an interesting and enjoyable beer, but it isn’t distinct in any of the three categories it claims to be. It has a fragrant fruit aroma, tastes mildly tart with some sweetness and a very subtle funk at the end. It’s certainly refreshing but in a blind test you might guess it was a sour, but maybe not detect the apricot or saison.


Today’s Beer: June 24


Aside from being a punny name for a corn-based beer, this really does taste quite like Corn-Pop’s cereal. What’s even more amazing is the punch it packs at 8.2%, as you really don’t get much of a boozy flavour from it at all. The hops give it a fruity aroma which play into the sweet corn malts. It keeps you sipping it, as the elements really develop over time and it’s hard to wrap your brain around the corn taste. I’m not sure I’d want to drink this over and over again, but it’s a unique flavour that is absolutely worth trying.