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Cider – Finally!


Well after about 50 hours of labour picking, sorting, washing, crushing, juicing, fermenting, racking, bottling and all the cleaning in between… We have cider! That actually tastes good! Made 72 bomber bottles in all, some dry hopped with Azacca. It was definitely a learning process and I know now what not to do next year, but I think overall it was a success and I’m pretty pleased its all organic and from my own yard!


Today’s Beer: July 10


Today’s Beer: it was too dark when I got in last night to snag a shot of NBC’s newest release, an organic ginger beer. Coming in at 5% ABV, the ginger and lemongrass give it a bright and refreshing flavour without much of a booze or beer taste. I think this has a lot of potential for cocktail mixes, I may try to up the ante with a gin and ginger later today. If you’re looking for more beer with your ginger try Phillips, but if you want a gingerale stand-in try this!