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Beau’s All Natural Buenos Días Gruit Ale

Beau’s All Natural Brewing (from Ontario) sent me some beers to try a few weeks ago and I had saved the Buenos Días Gruit Ale for last as it sounded the most intriguing. Made using orange peel, lime peel, lime juice and a touch of sea salt, and just a touch of hops. On the very first sip there isn’t much going on, just crisp malt flavour and a good amount of carbonation. Then the citrus flavours develop with a little bitter bite, finishing off slightly salty. Reminds me of drinking a Corona right after doing a proper tequila shot, minus the tequila. Very refreshing and an interesting concept, but this might be a bit out there flavour wise for traditionalists.


Today’s Beer: August 6


Today’s Beer: Found a hidden gem in the park down from my aunts place in Toronto. It’s live jazz night tonight at Cafe Belong in the old brickworks and I’m enjoying a bottle of Beau’s All Natural Lug Tread Lagered Ale out on the patio. Smooth, crisp, but with a bit of bite, this is a perfect beer for the moment. I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve had from this brewery so far, so if you’re ever out east keep your eyes open for it!


Today’s Beer: August 5



Today’s Beer: well I wasn’t too satisfied with the last beer, so I had to dip back into my supply. The Naughty Neighbour American Style Pale Ale from Nickel Brook Brewery really tickled my fancy. Made with 5 malts and casacde, centennial and citra hops its got juicy grapefruit aroma and taste, but not as bitter on the finish as an IPA. Quite enjoyable plus love the label!


Today’s Beer: August 1


Today’s Beer: well it’s not from BC, but it is local relative to where I am. I’d heard of Amsterdam Brewery before getting to Toronto, and I have to say as my first Ontario Craft experience it isn’t too bad. This 7.1% unfiltered IPA brings Amarillo and Centennial hops in along with 4 undisclosed malts, and is naturally carbonated and slightly aged. Something in the mix tastes a little metallic to me, but overall it’s quite nice. Bonus points to the cycling skeleton!