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Red Collar Brewing Alternative Facts Zero IBU IPA

Trying out the Alternative Facts “Zero IBU’ IPA from @redcollarbrewing. First my server described it as a zero bitter IPA (close, but I’d have to be a real snob to argue that point) and then the bartender who brought it over described it as a zero hop IPA which I really wanted to correct but he left to quickly. I’ve read a bit about how zero IBU is a misnomer as dry-hop and flame-out only beers still carry an IBU count, albiet much lower than their traditionally brewed counterparts. This beer has a punchy fruit aroma – mix of citrus, tropical and tree fruit. The flavour matches up pretty closely with the aroma. There is a bitter element in the finish of this beer, it is light compared with a traditional IPA, but absolutely present. I actually like this version of zero IBU better than the Twin Sails version I had a few months ago because this beer does have a residual bitterness, which makes it less true to “style” but much more satisfying to drink.