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Today’s Beer: November 10


Today’s Beer: I didn’t get too into the pumpkin beers this year, I was more interested in chasing the fresh hops, but I had to make sure I picked up a few bottles of Cannery Brewing’s Knucklehead Pumpkin Ale. I am a huge fan of the Cannery, they are really friendly people and have a great presence in their community. This beer, for example, is made with locally grown knucklehead pumpkins chopped, cleaned and baked in a local restaurant kitchen by the brewing team then made into delicious farm-to-table beer. It has an almost fruity aroma, lightly spiced but not overpowering the malt and finishing smooth and creamy. Even my Dad, who hates “weird beers”, had nice things to say about this! PS love the new label style as well!


Today’s Beer: September 15


Today’s Beer: Driftwood’s Pilsner Doehnel, a seasonal release with barley grown and malted on Vancouver Islander by namesake Mike Doehnel. I think Pilsners get a bad rap. They are fairly ubiquitous among the various craft breweries but you don’t meet die-hard pils fans like you do IPA fans. Sometimes they feel like an after thought for those folks who haven’t yet been initiated into the bold flavours of the west coast. However, this is not one of those pilsners. It’s got a bigger malt profile than most, and a crisp, but not too bitter finish. This fills the gap nicely between light beers and more robust west coast ales.


Today’s Beer: July 11


Today’s Beer: I lost track of several hours out at Nelson’s 6 Mile Beach aided by NBC’s Hopgood. An ISA, this is light enough to have on while repeat while the hops keep things interesting. Crisp, aromatic, citrusy and effervescent, this really hit the spot out there in the sand and sun. Isn’t it funny how the local brew is often the best for the occasion?


Today’s Beer: July 7



Russell’s Peaks and Valleys, an extra pale ale using Chilliwack hops and Armstrong malts. The hops give pine and citrus notes while the malts lend a slight sweetness to the finish. I have to say, there was a time a few years ago when I wasn’t too keen on Russel brews, but the past few I’ve had (Punchbowl IPA, Kombucha Hef) were unique and well executed, just like this one! Love that it’s using local products as well! PS those are my locally grown tomatoes in the background!