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Twin Sails Lush Crush Pale Ale

I had given up hope on tracking down Twin Sails special releases in the South Okanagan, so imagine how thrilled I was when I discovered Lush Crush Pale Ale at my local CB&W, ┬áRiverside, while on a random beer run this week! I had no idea this was only 3.8% ABV until I grabbed the 2nd can. The aroma and flavour is full, bright and citrusy, courtesy of Citra and Apollo hops. Malted Oats contribute a smooth mouthfeel and cloudy appearance. A light beer doesn’t skimp on flavour or body is much appreciated by someone who is a fan of big, bold flavour but can’t handle more than a couple 7%ABV IPAs without becoming a total goon. Wish this one was a regular offering, I could see this being delightful for cooling off on hot afternoons!