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Moon Under Water Brewery Blackcurrant Copper Kettle Sour

The Blackcurrant Copper Kettle Sour by Moon Under Water Brewery is quite fitting for Valentine’s Day with it’s beautiful ruby-red hue. Aroma is tart with a hint of juicy blackcurrant. Flavour is tart upfront, softening into wheat then tart again with blackcurrant prominent on the finish. Very delicate with subtle flavours that come out with each sip. I paired it with some peppered goat cheese from Salt Spring Island Cheese and it’s a match made in heaven! ❤🍻🐐❤


Today’s Beer: June 22


Today’s Beer: I’d been eyeing this little gem for a while, thought about cellaring it, but after a rough day decided there was no time like the present to crack open Lil’ Red, Townsite’s Sour Red Ale. It seems like a lot of the sour beers out there have fruit or hop additions. It was nice to have a well-executed sour to show off just what the lacto and yeast can do in fermentation. It has notes of berries, followed by a well-balanced tartness and a complex flavour that I don’t really have words to describe! If you see a bottle hanging around somewhere, buy 2, one for now and one for later!