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Brews: August 24


Mondays are a lot more fun when you get to spend them outside brewing beer. I’m adding the final hop addition of Falconer’s Flight to a lightly hopped IPA with earlier additions of Magnum and Citra. Malts are 10lbs of 2-row and a pound each of Crystal and Munich. This will be the backbone for playing with additions of fresh hops in two weeks from our friends hop yard. Can’t wait to try it!


Today’s Beer: August 1


Today’s Beer: well it’s not from BC, but it is local relative to where I am. I’d heard of Amsterdam Brewery before getting to Toronto, and I have to say as my first Ontario Craft experience it isn’t too bad. This 7.1% unfiltered IPA brings Amarillo and Centennial hops in along with 4 undisclosed malts, and is naturally carbonated and slightly aged. Something in the mix tastes a little metallic to me, but overall it’s quite nice. Bonus points to the cycling skeleton!


Today’s Beer: July 5


Today’s Beer: Postmark’s IPA was waiting for me in the fridge after a hot drive from Vancouver back to Summerland. Made with Bravo Simcoe, Centennial and Citra hops it’s light for a westcoast IPA at only 50 IBUs. The malt profile is present but in the lighter range as well resulting in a beer that is refreshing and balanced. Plus, it looks stunning lit by the setting sun!