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Red Collar Brewing Alternative Facts Zero IBU IPA

Trying out the Alternative Facts “Zero IBU’ IPA from @redcollarbrewing. First my server described it as a zero bitter IPA (close, but I’d have to be a real snob to argue that point) and then the bartender who brought it over described it as a zero hop IPA which I really wanted to correct but he left to quickly. I’ve read a bit about how zero IBU is a misnomer as dry-hop and flame-out only beers still carry an IBU count, albiet much lower than their traditionally brewed counterparts. This beer has a punchy fruit aroma – mix of citrus, tropical and tree fruit. The flavour matches up pretty closely with the aroma. There is a bitter element in the finish of this beer, it is light compared with a traditional IPA, but absolutely present. I actually like this version of zero IBU better than the Twin Sails version I had a few months ago because this beer does have a residual bitterness, which makes it less true to “style” but much more satisfying to drink.


Modern Times City of the Sun IPA

It’s not often I spy Modern Times Beer in my hood, so when I caught sight of City of The Sun I knew I had to have it. Described as a juicy, hoppy IPA “redolent of melon, lime, and citrus notes” due to the use of Mosaic, Motueka and Experimental Hop 05256. This smells like heaven on a hot day. Super flavourful and I can totally pick out the melon and lime in the taste as well as the aroma. The nice, crisp malt profile totally lets the hops do all the work, and it finishes off with a moderate bitterness. Delightful! Here’s hoping that this isn’t a one off and I’ll get the chance to access more from Modern Times at my local!


Twin Sails Slam Dank IPA

In between dinner #1 (Green Lettuce) and dinner #2 (Forage) we came to Brewers Row (in Port Moody) to get some beers. Currently enjoying a Slam Dank IPA at Twin Sails Brewing. Not only does the name make me giggle, but the aroma and flavour are delightful as well. Dank indeed with lots of bright, tropical aroma and a good balance of juicy to bitter in the flavour. Yum!


Today’s Beer: September 25


Today’s Beer: a collaboration between Fuggles and Warlock and Machine Ales, Hot Trub Time Machine is an IPA made with Mosaic and Galaxy hops. It packs quite a punch, both flavourwise as well as being 6.9% ABV With a juicy fruit aroma, it starts off crisp and then hits you with juicy hop bitterness that has hints of melon and stonefruit. Wow. I’m impressed!


Today’s Beer: March 18


Today’s Beer: the Vancouver Special IPA from R&B brewing. ‘Round these parts we call this style of home the “BC Box” but the beer is still darn tasty. Not overly bitter but with big fruity/citrusy hop flavour and aroma this is a easy-drinking IPA. A great way to start off the weekend!


Today’s Beer: Feb 19


Today’s Beer: this IPA from Red Collar is not your typical IPA. Described as an English style IPA it is more malt focused and less intensely hoppy than the West Coast IPAs I’m used to. That’s not to say it’s lacking in flavour, the malts balance spicey citrus bite from the Galaxy and Ella hops. I met JP from the brewery the other night at the CAMRA SOK meeting and had a good chat about the drink local trend and how that’s changing the approach to brewing in BC. I am looking forward to checking out their Kamloops brewery in person later this spring!


Today’s Beer: January 30


Today’s Beer: A chinook (the wind not the hop) emptied the snow from my garden beds this week, so I went out with a beer this afternoon for some late winter harvesting. I felt Four Winds IPA was a pretty good accompaniment to this task, crisp and flavourful while remaining balanced. With a bottle in one hand and fresh veg in the other I’m seriously looking forward to longer, warmer days coming soon! I’m going to turn these veggies into winter slaw with a curry dressing which should pair nicely with the rest of the four-pack! Yum!


Today’s Beer: November 11


Yay! Just caught up with my folks after their trip to Utah and came home with a bag of beer – the best kind of souvenir! The Deschutes Fresh Squeezed is the best fresh hop beer I think I’ve has yet this year, and I’m looking forward to trying the Top Cutter a fresh hop beer from Bale Breaker in Yakima, renowned in the Pacific Northwest for their hops.


Today’s Beer: September 26


Today’s Beer: I got lucky yesterday and found a few remaining bottles of Driftwood’s highly sought-after Sartori Harvest Fresh Hop IPA. Aroma is a mix between fruit, grass and pine. A bit more body than I was expecting, it starts off crisp, and ‘green’ finishing with a long-lasting earthy bitterness. It’s hard to remember what last year’s was like, this is also my first fresh hop beer this season, it seems pretty darn tasty but I’d like to compare it side by side with some of the other fresh hopped beers to see how it compares.


Today’s Beer: August 25


Today’s Beer: Raised by Wolves, Driftwood’s newest release, features wild yeast and equinox hops. The aroma on this is amazing, big tropical and orchard fruit aromas. The taste is mostly grapefruit, with a lingering bitter aftertaste. I’m not able to detect the wild yeast so much, but there is something in here that elevates it beyond most IPAs. Another great beer from Driftwood, plus the label art is gorgeous!