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Brews: Belgian Golden Ale


Tried out my Belgian Ale today… I’m pretty happy with it. Lots of orchard and tropical fruit aroma from the yeast and Azacca hops, and a bit of a lingering bitterness from the Citra. I don’t think the Belgian yeast really shines due to being unable to maintain a consistently high fermentation temperature, I will try again this summer when reaching 30° is more practical than in a wood-heated home in Februrary!


Black IPA Recipe Test


Another successful Brew Day! My Dad and I are working on solidifying a recipe for a Black IPA. Malts were 15lbs Pale, 1.5 Carafoam, 1 Munich, 1 Victory, 1 Crystal and 1/2 Chocolate. The mash smelled so good, and we hopped with Magnum, Chinook, Simcoe and Citra. If it works well this will be brewed again for a homebrewers beer exchange coming up!


Cascadian Brown Ale – Mom’s Beer


Brew Day! Today we brewed a recipe my mom had been requesting for a while – a Cascadian Brown Ale. A big grain bill, 12 lbs of 2-row along with a lb each of choclate, caramel and midnight wheat. Hops were Northern Brewer and Cascade, it will be dry-hopped with Citra later. I’m very excited to see how this one turns out!


Cider – Finally!


Well after about 50 hours of labour picking, sorting, washing, crushing, juicing, fermenting, racking, bottling and all the cleaning in between… We have cider! That actually tastes good! Made 72 bomber bottles in all, some dry hopped with Azacca. It was definitely a learning process and I know now what not to do next year, but I think overall it was a success and I’m pretty pleased its all organic and from my own yard!


Brews: August 24


Mondays are a lot more fun when you get to spend them outside brewing beer. I’m adding the final hop addition of Falconer’s Flight to a lightly hopped IPA with earlier additions of Magnum and Citra. Malts are 10lbs of 2-row and a pound each of Crystal and Munich. This will be the backbone for playing with additions of fresh hops in two weeks from our friends hop yard. Can’t wait to try it!