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Superflux Colour and Shape IPA

Nothing like Superflux’s Colour and Shape IPA to lift your spirits on a grey day. I love the amazing fruit notes that explode out of the can when you crack it open; passion fruit, guava, grapefruit, mango, orange, pineapple… Ah, liquid sunshine! The body is soft and full and the flavour is more of the same with a bitter kick reminiscent of bitter citrus with a touch of dank. I think I’m in love all over again!


Yellow Dog High Five Hazy IPA

I get a little jealous of people living in Port Moody because of the crazy talent they have on Brewer’s Row. Yellow Dog Brewing has impressed me already with their hoppy offerings, but High Five Hazy IPA has blown me away. Part of the NE trend that’s taking over local IPAs, this beer is very aromatic with notes of citrus, and tropical fruit – think guava, papaya, passionfruit – with a little hit of dankness. A soft, almost creamy mouthfeel the malts provide an understaded background for juicy hop flavour that leads into lightly lingering bitterness. Definitely glad I picked up a 4-pack as this goes goes down very easy. I’d say this is a great bridge into the new style of IPA while retaining the bitter bite that hop heads love. High fives to High Five 🙌!