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Beau’s All Natural Buenos Días Gruit Ale

Beau’s All Natural Brewing (from Ontario) sent me some beers to try a few weeks ago and I had saved the Buenos Días Gruit Ale for last as it sounded the most intriguing. Made using orange peel, lime peel, lime juice and a touch of sea salt, and just a touch of hops. On the very first sip there isn’t much going on, just crisp malt flavour and a good amount of carbonation. Then the citrus flavours develop with a little bitter bite, finishing off slightly salty. Reminds me of drinking a Corona right after doing a proper tequila shot, minus the tequila. Very refreshing and an interesting concept, but this might be a bit out there flavour wise for traditionalists.


Today’s Beer: August 2


Today’s Beer: Another one from Amsterdam Brewery, the Cruiser. Seems to be an amber ale, on the hoppy side but nicely balanced with malts. Super satisfying on a breezy patio after a hot day of waking around Queen St. West. 


Today’s Beer: I’m on holiday, so I’ve got time to review more than one beer. Maddaddamites NooBroo is an organic gruit from Beau’s All Natural Brewing and a collab with Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson based on the MaddAdam book series. Gruit beers use botanicals other than hops for flavour, and this one has honey, hibiscus, red clover flower, rose hips, elderflower, burdock root, maqui berry and wild cherry bark. This is light, floral, slightly sweet, and a little bit tart.