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Today’s Beer: September 25


Today’s Beer: a collaboration between Fuggles and Warlock and Machine Ales, Hot Trub Time Machine is an IPA made with Mosaic and Galaxy hops. It packs quite a punch, both flavourwise as well as being 6.9% ABV With a juicy fruit aroma, it starts off crisp and then hits you with juicy hop bitterness that has hints of melon and stonefruit. Wow. I’m impressed!


Today’s Beer: April 18


Today’s Beer: Fuggles and Warlock teamed up with Powell Street to produce Hikari, an imperial dry-hopped sourweisse. Once again, there is a lot happening within this beer! Aroma was mostly citrus and tropical with a bit of floral. The bottle says pineapple, but this tasted uncannily like guava to me, followed by lemony tartness, finishing with wheat. It’s hard to tell this beer is an imperial, coming in at 7.2%ABV. Overall this is another delicious sour, and quite refreshing which is good considering it’s 27° at my place right now!


Today’s Beer: July 22


Meet Shiva, a session white IPA from Fuggles and Warlock. 64 IBUs and 5%ABV this is not what I would have pictured thinking of a wheat ISA. Big citrus and tropical fruit aromas, with distinct grapefruit flavour finishing fairly bitter. I think I spied a few more bottles at the local, I will definitely need to pick up another one of these!