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Red Collar Brewing Impeachment Wit

Can I give a shout out to how wonderful it is that more and more breweries are able to offer their delicious brews in cans for the outdoor-minded craft beer drinker? Cuz bombers and swimming holes just don’t mix. Impeachment from @redcollarbrewing is a superbly refreshing wheat beer that really delivers the peach experience with a light sweetness and full body, played off with just a hint of bitterness to keep it crisp. Dee-lish!


Powell Beer Saison Cassis

I love cassis and I also love a nice Saison, so this bottle from Powell Beer was already looking like a winner even before I cracked the bottle. An aroma of deep black currant leads, followed by a peppery note from the Saison yeast. I really enjoyed the fact that while the cassis flavour is definitely present, the spicy Saison character is also given room to express itself and the beer remains quite dry despite the fruit addition. I’ve also had their Mango Saison, which was great but doesn’t quite hit the striking balance between fruit and yeast complexity that is present in the Cassis Saison


Moon Under Water Brewery Blackcurrant Copper Kettle Sour

The Blackcurrant Copper Kettle Sour by Moon Under Water Brewery is quite fitting for Valentine’s Day with it’s beautiful ruby-red hue. Aroma is tart with a hint of juicy blackcurrant. Flavour is tart upfront, softening into wheat then tart again with blackcurrant prominent on the finish. Very delicate with subtle flavours that come out with each sip. I paired it with some peppered goat cheese from Salt Spring Island Cheese and it’s a match made in heaven! ❤🍻🐐❤


Today’s Beer: November 11


Today’s Beer: had a long drive out to Radium Hot Springs today, and after a nice soak I’m capping things off with this beautiful beer from Fuggles and Warlock. When I was at GCBF they had a keg of the Rei Boysenberry Sour that I never even got to try because the line-up was stretched across the field the whole day. After my first sip I can see why, it’s so tart and refreshing, beautiful rich red colour, deep berry aroma and flavour with just a hint of a wheat finish. My sister, who is a cider-head couldn’t believe that beer could taste like this!


Today’s Beer: August 14


Today’s Beer: brewed in the Berliner Weisse style, the Apricot Sour from Red Collar scored 3 “dangs” out of 4. This is the summer of Berliner Weisses and I just can’t get enough of these low alcohol sour-wheat beers. The sourness of this one is mellowed by the sweetness of the apricots to create a very refreshing experience. The label is also very cool!


Today’s Beer: July 6


Today’s Beer: Parallel 49’s Apricotopus, an apricot sour saison. Overall, this is an interesting and enjoyable beer, but it isn’t distinct in any of the three categories it claims to be. It has a fragrant fruit aroma, tastes mildly tart with some sweetness and a very subtle funk at the end. It’s certainly refreshing but in a blind test you might guess it was a sour, but maybe not detect the apricot or saison.


Today’s Beer: June 20


Old Yale used 900 mangos to make this wheat beer, and it’s a well-matched combo. The mango aroma and taste is very apparent without being too sweet. The fruit gives it a smooth body while it finishes a bit bitter and a lot wheat. Glad I picked this up, super refreshing after a morning in the sunshine! PS – that’s the Kettle Valley Steam Train in the background!

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