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Today’s Beer: November 11


Yay! Just caught up with my folks after their trip to Utah and came home with a bag of beer – the best kind of souvenir! The Deschutes Fresh Squeezed is the best fresh hop beer I think I’ve has yet this year, and I’m looking forward to trying the Top Cutter a fresh hop beer from Bale Breaker in Yakima, renowned in the Pacific Northwest for their hops.


Today’s Beer: November 7


Today’s Beer: Dageraad’s Wet-Hopped Blonde, a Belgian Ale with Centennial hops. Very classic spicy and floral Belgian elements with a bit of a bitter twist at the end. This Blonde poured with a LOT of head… Say what you will about that


Today’s Beer: October 30


Today’s Beer: Hop Attack is a fresh hop collaboration brew from Steamworks and Sartori Hop Farm. A well rounded IPA with a bit of sweetness from the malts followed by an earthy, pine-citrus hop bite. This one is made with Nugget and Centennial hops. A nice way to end the week!


Today’s Beer: October 29


Today’s Beer: Road Trip, a fresh hop dark ale from Lighthouse. I really like the different take on fresh hops here, and this is a nice balance between dark roasted malts and the crisp, bitterness of the hops. Made with Cascade and Chinook hops fresh from the farm in Chilliwack, this is a complex, but very drinkable beer. Plus I love that label!


Today’s Beer: September 26


Today’s Beer: I got lucky yesterday and found a few remaining bottles of Driftwood’s highly sought-after Sartori Harvest Fresh Hop IPA. Aroma is a mix between fruit, grass and pine. A bit more body than I was expecting, it starts off crisp, and ‘green’ finishing with a long-lasting earthy bitterness. It’s hard to remember what last year’s was like, this is also my first fresh hop beer this season, it seems pretty darn tasty but I’d like to compare it side by side with some of the other fresh hopped beers to see how it compares.