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Today’s Beer: September 24


Today’s Beer: Got the weekend started off right with a hike up Giant’s Head Mountian and a Berliner Weisse from Four Winds at the top. This is one of my favourite beers from this summer, tart, flavourful and intensely refreshing. I’ll probably be drinking less of this style as the cold weather moves in so needless to say I’m really savouring this today!


Today’s Beer: August 7


Today’s Beer: I was in a discussion yesterday about BC beer with some family from Alberta and of course Four Winds came up. We recommended they grab whatever stock from Four Winds that they can find as no matter what the style they are all hits. La Maison, a sessionable wild saison, follows this trend. Light in body, refreshingly effervescent it has juicy, tropical fruit aroma. Taste is slightly tart and funky, rather dry, and finishes with a lingering peppery spice. This is brewed with spelt and rye malt, which add complexity to the flavour and the rye likely contributes to the spicy finish as well. Scott’s theory is their brewer must sold his soul to the Devil in order to keep coming out with such amazing beer.


Today’s Beer: June 5


Today’s Beer: Honeymoon Baby is a Tropical Saison collaboration between Four Winds and Brassneck. Made with rice and coconut, it’s light and refreshing with a little bit of funk, finishing with notes of toasted coconut. Don’t miss the backside of the can for the origin story. This beer is amazing, and I’m loving that it’s in tall cans perfect for taking to the beach! I’m hoping this summer continues to bring fun collaborations like this!


Today’s Beer: April 7


Today’s Beer: I’ve been waiting for the Parallel 49 Brews Brothers collaboration pack and had a really hard time picking the first one out of the amazing line up! The Boys Are Back In Town combines Four Winds Nectarous with P49’s Jerkface. Described as ‘pungent’ this is a majorly sour beer. I don’t know if I’ve ever had one this intense, but the fruity elements are there once you get past the pucker factor. Interesting but more of a one-timer than something you could drink on repeat. Can’t wait to see what other surprises this box has in store!


Today’s Beer: March 24


Today’s Beer: Trou du Diable and Four Winds collaborated on this Apple and Oat Saison. In our excitement to try it my friend broke her cork off in the bottle, prompting jokes of truly being exiled from Eden. We did eventually crack into that one with some elbow grease, a screwdriver and a bit of beer to the face. Once in, this beer was phenomenal. The oats were not entirety detectable but added a bit more texture to the mouthfeel. Aroma was fresh apple with a hint of funk, and the flavour was crisp, dry and a bit of a cross between a saison and a cider. In my opinion neither of these breweries can do any wrong, and this beer is a fine example of some of the best the East and West of Canada have to offer in craft brewing!


Today’s Beer: March 3


Today’s Beer: I have been looking forward to trying this collab between Four Winds and Commons Brewery for a while, but had to hold back due to bronchitis. Needless to say the anticipation has been killing me, so today I was very excited to finally crack into this bottle! A fragrant floral and orchard fruit aroma with a hint of funk. The flavour is hard to nail down – tart, fruity, funky, a bit bitter with a very subtle apricot note that has to be sought out. This beer is an enigma that invites much more than one sip to puzzle out.


Today’s Beer: January 30


Today’s Beer: A chinook (the wind not the hop) emptied the snow from my garden beds this week, so I went out with a beer this afternoon for some late winter harvesting. I felt Four Winds IPA was a pretty good accompaniment to this task, crisp and flavourful while remaining balanced. With a bottle in one hand and fresh veg in the other I’m seriously looking forward to longer, warmer days coming soon! I’m going to turn these veggies into winter slaw with a curry dressing which should pair nicely with the rest of the four-pack! Yum!


Today’s Beer: January 19


Today’s Beer: I’m at a potluck dinner tonight and I brought the Operis Brett Saison from Four Winds to try. These girls have never tried a beer like this before, so it was fun hearing comments like “it doesn’t even taste like a beer, it’s so fruity” and “it’s almost like a wine or a cider”. It starts off tart and fruity, moves into that characteristic belgian-y flavour, finishing earthy and funky. I love being able to broaden people’s expectations of what a beer can be!


Today’s Beer: July 31


Today’s Beer: this is the last BC beer I’ll be having for a few weeks (I’m headed out east tonight) so I figured I should make it a gooder. The Sovereign Super Saison from Four Winds is more robust than I’m used to with their beers. Aroma is reminiscent of orchard fruit, and the flavour brings an earthy, spiciness along with the expected saison taste. I found this bottle to also be really effervesecent, similar to the microbubbles in a traditional champagne, and this really suits the dry, spicy finish. Quite super, indeed! 


Today’s Beer: July 29


Today’s Beer: the Berliner Weisse from Four Winds is another beer from my craft beer care package I got last week. I really am feeling the sour beers lately, especially in the summer heat. I liked how this is simple but quite flavourful with a funky citrus kick at the end. It kind of makes me think of a beer version of a perrier with lemon.