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Today’s Beer: July 28


Today’s Beer: it’s too damn hot today… Forgive me for not giving you a detailed description but my brain doesn’t work anymore. This beer is fantastic. At this point anything cold would have been good, but this is one of the best beers I have had in quite a while. Hoppy but not overly bitter and the malts shine through nicely. Driftwood racks up yet another hit!


Today’s Beer: September 26


Today’s Beer: I got lucky yesterday and found a few remaining bottles of Driftwood’s highly sought-after Sartori Harvest Fresh Hop IPA. Aroma is a mix between fruit, grass and pine. A bit more body than I was expecting, it starts off crisp, and ‘green’ finishing with a long-lasting earthy bitterness. It’s hard to remember what last year’s was like, this is also my first fresh hop beer this season, it seems pretty darn tasty but I’d like to compare it side by side with some of the other fresh hopped beers to see how it compares.


Today’s Beer: September 15


Today’s Beer: Driftwood’s Pilsner Doehnel, a seasonal release with barley grown and malted on Vancouver Islander by namesake Mike Doehnel. I think Pilsners get a bad rap. They are fairly ubiquitous among the various craft breweries but you don’t meet die-hard pils fans like you do IPA fans. Sometimes they feel like an after thought for those folks who haven’t yet been initiated into the bold flavours of the west coast. However, this is not one of those pilsners. It’s got a bigger malt profile than most, and a crisp, but not too bitter finish. This fills the gap nicely between light beers and more robust west coast ales.


Today’s Beer: September 10


Today’s Beer: Driftwood’s Crooked Coast Altbier was hiding in my fridge today. I’m supposed to be doing this healthy thing, but after a stressful day at work kale salad just doesn’t cut it. This however, is helping quite nicely, with a strong malt backbone and crisp European hops it looks much darker than it tastes. The label itself is amazing, I really like Driftwood’s new image!


Today’s Beer: August 25


Today’s Beer: Raised by Wolves, Driftwood’s newest release, features wild yeast and equinox hops. The aroma on this is amazing, big tropical and orchard fruit aromas. The taste is mostly grapefruit, with a lingering bitter aftertaste. I’m not able to detect the wild yeast so much, but there is something in here that elevates it beyond most IPAs. Another great beer from Driftwood, plus the label art is gorgeous!


Today’s Beer: August 17


Today’s Beer: I decided to celebrate my return to BC with a special collaboration brew I picked up on my beer-cation in May. Brewed and fermented at both Driftwood and Hoyne they combined brews using a pipeline from their breweries to make the Rock Bay Mash Up, a baltic porter. Nice roasted malt flavour with a bit of a boozy edge. Some of the best BC has to offer!


Today’s Beer: July 27


Today’s Beer: Driftwood’s Naughty Hildegard ESB is wickedly good. Big juicy aroma with melon and citrus notes. Taste starts fresh, fruity and finishes mildly bitter. I feel like I am missing out on making some nun-puns here but I can’t concentrate while I have this in front of me!