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Modern Times City of the Sun IPA

It’s not often I spy Modern Times Beer in my hood, so when I caught sight of City of The Sun I knew I had to have it. Described as a juicy, hoppy IPA “redolent of melon, lime, and citrus notes” due to the use of Mosaic, Motueka and Experimental Hop 05256. This smells like heaven on a hot day. Super flavourful and I can totally pick out the melon and lime in the taste as well as the aroma. The nice, crisp malt profile totally lets the hops do all the work, and it finishes off with a moderate bitterness. Delightful! Here’s hoping that this isn’t a one off and I’ll get the chance to access more from Modern Times at my local!


Twin Sails Slam Dank IPA

In between dinner #1 (Green Lettuce) and dinner #2 (Forage) we came to Brewers Row (in Port Moody) to get some beers. Currently enjoying a Slam Dank IPA at Twin Sails Brewing. Not only does the name make me giggle, but the aroma and flavour are delightful as well. Dank indeed with lots of bright, tropical aroma and a good balance of juicy to bitter in the flavour. Yum!


Today’s Beer: Dec 22

I was really excited when Scott finally got home from Vancouver today, mostly because he had a care package of special beers for me! Colour and Shape is a North Eastern style IPA from newly renamed Superflux Beer Company (formerly Machine Ales). A burst of tropical aroma hit my nose as soon as I cracked the can – lots of grapefruit, passionfruit and guava. A bit on the dank side of juicy, which I like! Pours a hazy, slightly greenish gold with moderate head and slightly soft carbonation. The taste is as good as the smell – deep juicy tropical/citrus with a warming bitter finish much like grapefruit. I’m curious if any citrus fruit/peel was added to this because the finish is so reminiscent of citrus oil. Only turn off is the light bit of sediment – afterall this is unfiltered – but that grit is flavour country! So good I’m not sure I’m sharing the rest of the 4-pack.