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Dageraad X Steamworks East of East Van Saison

I am a big Saison fan, the more into beer I get the more I appreciate the funky, spicy and complex flavours from this style. I’m also a big fan of Steamworks and Dageraad, so imagine my excitement when this collaboration, East of East Van, was released! A mild spring evening seemed like the perfect time to crack this open! I’m not sure if it’s the additions or the beer itself but this is one of the best Saisons I’ve had in a while; nice creamy body with a hint of citrusy tartness blending into spicy complexity. I can pick out the white pepper addition, it blends in nicely with the yeast, but leaves a lingering spice behind. The other addition is black lime, which I looked up and is basically a dried lime. I’m not confident I know what that tastes like, but there does seem to be a citrus element that is over and above what I’d expect from a Saison. It’s the kind of beer I immediately want more of… Good thing I remembered seeing a bottle or two hanging out at the local shop, I’m gonna get a few more to enjoy later on this summer!


Cannery Brewing Kindling Breakfast Stout

Cannery Brewing’s Kindling Breakfast Stout sure packs a punch for a “morning” beer at 8%. Loaded with coffee from Red Beard Cafe, which was roasted slightly longer than usual specifically for this collaboration in order to play up the roasty toasty flavours of the malts. Creamy, dark and thick with bold up front coffee flavour followed by hints of dark chocolate and caramel. It feels pretty luxurious for a snowy New Years Morning!


Today’s Beer: July 1


Today’s Beer: stopped by Bad Tattoo Brewing to try their R&D Cherry Wit. This beer is the culmination of a year-long homebrewing competition. Derek Hyde, the winner, got the opportunity to collaborate on and brew this beer with the Bad Tattoo team. A light fruity aroma blends with a spicey and slightly tart flavour. Very easy to drink and refreshing – this is sure to be a hit on the patio today!


Today’s Beer: May 3


Today’s Beer: another rye, this time it’s a collaboration Rye Pilsner from Bomber and Doans. Called living skies, it’s a tribute to the brewers Saskatchewan roots. It has an amazing aroma which I found has the slightest touch of fruit and berry. Taste is crisp, quite malty, with a spicey rye finish and just enough bitterness to keep it interesting. I almost wish I hadn’t shared this bottle with Scott, as it’s very easy drinking!


Today’s Beer: March 24


Today’s Beer: Trou du Diable and Four Winds collaborated on this Apple and Oat Saison. In our excitement to try it my friend broke her cork off in the bottle, prompting jokes of truly being exiled from Eden. We did eventually crack into that one with some elbow grease, a screwdriver and a bit of beer to the face. Once in, this beer was phenomenal. The oats were not entirety detectable but added a bit more texture to the mouthfeel. Aroma was fresh apple with a hint of funk, and the flavour was crisp, dry and a bit of a cross between a saison and a cider. In my opinion neither of these breweries can do any wrong, and this beer is a fine example of some of the best the East and West of Canada have to offer in craft brewing!


Today’s Beer: March 3


Today’s Beer: I have been looking forward to trying this collab between Four Winds and Commons Brewery for a while, but had to hold back due to bronchitis. Needless to say the anticipation has been killing me, so today I was very excited to finally crack into this bottle! A fragrant floral and orchard fruit aroma with a hint of funk. The flavour is hard to nail down – tart, fruity, funky, a bit bitter with a very subtle apricot note that has to be sought out. This beer is an enigma that invites much more than one sip to puzzle out.