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Today’s Beer: July 22


Today’s Beer: I drove down to the Firehall Beer Shop for their Sask Cask tonight. They took their False Alarm Bitter, aged it in an oak cask (that is starting to develop some wild yeasts), added a whole whack of Saskatoon Berries, half a vanilla bean and some virgin spirits (to sanitize the berries). It’s a neat blend of tart, rich and bitter. It’s super fun hanging out listening to vinyl and chatting beers with the gang here. Wish this place was open when I used to spend more time in Oliver!


Murderers Row


Beautiful Cask Brews at KVS’s Murderers Row Saturday night! Red Collar’s Dry-Hopped Sour Cherry, Powell Street’s Hibiscus Belgian Wit, Parallel 49’s Tangerine Hefe Dream and Firehall’s Gin and Tonic. A great way to end an epic weekend full of friends, beer and fun!


Today’s Beer: January 23


Today’s Beer(s): Cannery Brewing is hosting a cask night at The Copper Mug in Penticton and have two delicious casks tapped! Both are variations on an amber ale, one dry-hopped with glacier hops (left) and the other with orange peel and honey (right). I tried the glacier version first and there was such an aroma of orange I almost thought I’d been served the other beer. Past the orange flavour it does have quite a hoppy bite and finishes dry with a lingering bitterness. The orange honey is a bit more sweet and a heavier mouth-feel but remains balanced, finishing with a noticable honey flavour. Served with a chocolate brownie it felt like more of a dessert beer whereas the glacier was quite sesionable. If you missed out on this, the Cannery has quite a few experimental beers comimg out through their tasting room recently, so drop by their new location in Penticton and see what’s new this week!