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Cannery Brewing Hella Melons German IPA

First craft beer back in Canada just had to be the experimental tap at Cannery Brewing. Hella Melons is a German-style IPA with, you guessed it, an aroma of melon, and a hint of sweetness in the body. Very flavourful and interesting, but I’m not sure I’d have more than one glass in a sitting. Nice to be back at the local watering hole, Friday night this is the place to be in Penticton!


Cannery Brewing Hop Chowdah New England IPA

I’m writing one of the last papers ever for my degree (yay!) and needed to take a procrastination break. Luckily I had a can of Hop Chowdah, the newest release from @cannerybrewing . Penticton has finally joined the rest of the continent on the hazy, juicy, New England IPA trend! Amarillo and Mosaic hops give lots of tropical and stone fruit flavour and aroma. A bit soft in carbonation with a full, smooth body, bitterness is moderate and lingering but not in a dry-your-mouth-out way. I had this as a grapefruit radler this weekend and it was equally delightful as well as easier to tolerate as at 6.5% this beer packs quite a whollop. It’s apparently only a seasonal but if you can drop by and tell Patt you love it maybe we can get them to keep it around!


Cannery Brewing Kindling Breakfast Stout

Cannery Brewing’s Kindling Breakfast Stout sure packs a punch for a “morning” beer at 8%. Loaded with coffee from Red Beard Cafe, which was roasted slightly longer than usual specifically for this collaboration in order to play up the roasty toasty flavours of the malts. Creamy, dark and thick with bold up front coffee flavour followed by hints of dark chocolate and caramel. It feels pretty luxurious for a snowy New Years Morning!


Today’s Beer: April 21


Today’s Beer: this is not the first time I’ve posted about Cannery Brewing’s The Muse and The Golden Promise, but it’s the first time from a bottle, so that counts as different enough, right? Ever since this Extra Pale Ale was released as an Ex-beer-imental tap a few months ago I’ve been hooked. Using Golden Promise malt it has an enticing malt aroma enhanced with fragrant Simcoe hops. While it comes across as quite hoppy, there isn’t the lasting bitterness you would get from an IPA. Crisp, well carbonated, balanced and flavourful this is such a great beer, it is right up in my top 1o province-wide right now. Dig the dreamy label? A local artist and brewery customer, Myron Campbell, created this!


Today’s Beer: April 2


Today at Cannery Brewing I got to eat the most amazing nachos, drink a refreshing Radler, hang out with my dog and pick up a growler full of a special release cask! I love this place! The cask is their Muse and the Golden Promise Extra Pale Ale dry-hopped with Zythos and Azacca. Crisp with big tropical fruit aroma it’s a perfect patio beer!


Today’s Beer: January 23


Today’s Beer(s): Cannery Brewing is hosting a cask night at The Copper Mug in Penticton and have two delicious casks tapped! Both are variations on an amber ale, one dry-hopped with glacier hops (left) and the other with orange peel and honey (right). I tried the glacier version first and there was such an aroma of orange I almost thought I’d been served the other beer. Past the orange flavour it does have quite a hoppy bite and finishes dry with a lingering bitterness. The orange honey is a bit more sweet and a heavier mouth-feel but remains balanced, finishing with a noticable honey flavour. Served with a chocolate brownie it felt like more of a dessert beer whereas the glacier was quite sesionable. If you missed out on this, the Cannery has quite a few experimental beers comimg out through their tasting room recently, so drop by their new location in Penticton and see what’s new this week!


Today’s Beer: January 15


Today’s Beer: checking out the Ex-beer-imental tap at Cannery Brewing. It’s a Belgian white ale fermented with apple juice. It’s really flavourful, a little too sweet to have more than one of, but great to see this brewery stretch out creatively. Plus its a full house tonight, I’m hopeful someone will strike up a tune on the new piano soon!


Today’s Beer: November 10


Today’s Beer: I didn’t get too into the pumpkin beers this year, I was more interested in chasing the fresh hops, but I had to make sure I picked up a few bottles of Cannery Brewing’s Knucklehead Pumpkin Ale. I am a huge fan of the Cannery, they are really friendly people and have a great presence in their community. This beer, for example, is made with locally grown knucklehead pumpkins chopped, cleaned and baked in a local restaurant kitchen by the brewing team then made into delicious farm-to-table beer. It has an almost fruity aroma, lightly spiced but not overpowering the malt and finishing smooth and creamy. Even my Dad, who hates “weird beers”, had nice things to say about this! PS love the new label style as well!


Today’s Beer: September 16


Today’s Beer: this isn’t the first time I’ve tried this year’s rendition of Cannery Brewing’s Wildfire IPA but the chill in the air tonight reminded me that summer is almost gone and this beer will be unavailable soon. I really enjoy dark beers, and the hops really pair nicely with the roasted malt. Aroma is reminiscent of European hops, flavour starts out smooth and roasted, finishing with a lingering bitter bite. Even better is knowing you’re supporting the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Fund with each bottle. Another good job by the local boys!!


Today’s Beer: July 15


Today’s Beer: Cannery Brewing is throwing a party tonight for their growler club members! This is a special cask of the Skaha Summer Ale with blueberries. Light, slightly sweet with a berry after taste, this is quite a nice treat! Live blues and a packed tasting room sweeten the deal!