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Today’s Beer: Dec 19

I had wanted to get my hands on the collaboration between Modern Times and Strange Fellows ever since I’d heard of it. Strange Times for Modern Fellows is a delicious and delicate sour beer. Brewed with pale and wheat malt and given a mixed fermentation including brett and lacto along with saison yeast this beer is complex in both flavour and aroma. Mosaic hops were used and the end result is a beer dripping with tropical flavour and aroma – think mango, pineapple, citrus, guava and lychee. A moderate amount of tartness, just on the edge of dominating the flavour but not quite, ending with a dry finish. So good. I’m not sure if there is any left on any shelves out there but if you come across some you’ll want to pick this up!


Today’s Beer: August 4

IMG_20160804_194734Today’s Beer: I probably could have cellared the Peralta Wild Pale Ale from Townsite, but sometimes you just don’t want to wait! A Belgian-style brettanomyces-finished ale it’s a bit tart, a bit funky and a bit bitter. There are so many layers of flavour in here, first hit is a sweet, stonefruit aroma and flavour, followed with earthy, funky brett finished with a bit of a citrusy bitterness. As the beer warms up in my glass the flavour keeps changing and intensifying. It’s like a sweet coastal journey for your tastebuds! I sure am jealous of the residents of Powell River for having Townsite as their local brewery, I hardly ever see their beers out here in the Okanagan. This is part of the annual ‘Hulk’ release, a special Belgian style beer is made each year and named after one of the historic decomissioned ships that make up the breakwater around the Powell River mill.


Today’s Beer: March 3


Today’s Beer: I have been looking forward to trying this collab between Four Winds and Commons Brewery for a while, but had to hold back due to bronchitis. Needless to say the anticipation has been killing me, so today I was very excited to finally crack into this bottle! A fragrant floral and orchard fruit aroma with a hint of funk. The flavour is hard to nail down – tart, fruity, funky, a bit bitter with a very subtle apricot note that has to be sought out. This beer is an enigma that invites much more than one sip to puzzle out.