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Today’s Beer: September 24


Today’s Beer: Got the weekend started off right with a hike up Giant’s Head Mountian and a Berliner Weisse from Four Winds at the top. This is one of my favourite beers from this summer, tart, flavourful and intensely refreshing. I’ll probably be drinking less of this style as the cold weather moves in so needless to say I’m really savouring this today!


Today’s Beer: August 14


Today’s Beer: brewed in the Berliner Weisse style, the Apricot Sour from Red Collar scored 3 “dangs” out of 4. This is the summer of Berliner Weisses and I just can’t get enough of these low alcohol sour-wheat beers. The sourness of this one is mellowed by the sweetness of the apricots to create a very refreshing experience. The label is also very cool!


Today’s Beer: August 8


Today’s Beer: Home made Peach Salsa alongside of Hearthstone’s Wyld Peach Berliner Weisse is absolutely one of those #lifeisbrewtiful moments. Soft, peachy aroma with a matching peachy flavour, balanced with a mild tartness and distinctive wheat finish. I wish this was my lunch every day!


Today’s Beer: July 29


Today’s Beer: the Berliner Weisse from Four Winds is another beer from my craft beer care package I got last week. I really am feeling the sour beers lately, especially in the summer heat. I liked how this is simple but quite flavourful with a funky citrus kick at the end. It kind of makes me think of a beer version of a perrier with lemon.