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Beau’s All Natural Buenos Días Gruit Ale

Beau’s All Natural Brewing (from Ontario) sent me some beers to try a few weeks ago and I had saved the Buenos Días Gruit Ale for last as it sounded the most intriguing. Made using orange peel, lime peel, lime juice and a touch of sea salt, and just a touch of hops. On the very first sip there isn’t much going on, just crisp malt flavour and a good amount of carbonation. Then the citrus flavours develop with a little bitter bite, finishing off slightly salty. Reminds me of drinking a Corona right after doing a proper tequila shot, minus the tequila. Very refreshing and an interesting concept, but this might be a bit out there flavour wise for traditionalists.


Today’s Beer: August 6


Today’s Beer: Found a hidden gem in the park down from my aunts place in Toronto. It’s live jazz night tonight at Cafe Belong in the old brickworks and I’m enjoying a bottle of Beau’s All Natural Lug Tread Lagered Ale out on the patio. Smooth, crisp, but with a bit of bite, this is a perfect beer for the moment. I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve had from this brewery so far, so if you’re ever out east keep your eyes open for it!