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Today’s Beer: June 29


Today’s Beer: Category 12 is a delightful brewery in Saanich that we got to visit earlier this year. Insubordinate, a session IPA (aka ISA) was our fave and this one travelled all the way home with us to wait until today to be enjoyed during a hot thunderstorm. Session beers are brewed with a lower alcohol volume, so it’s just as tasty as a traditional IPA so you can have several in a session without KO’ing yourself. I’m going to a Session cask fest this weekend so expect to see a few more of this variety popping up on the feed!
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Today’s Beer: June 28


Today’s Beer: Bomber’s Märzen is an amber lager that manages to be both malt-forward and refreshing. Hoppier than you’d expect for a lager, it finishes crisp and effervesecent. Especially suited to a warm evening on a patio.
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Today’s Beer: June 24


Aside from being a punny name for a corn-based beer, this really does taste quite like Corn-Pop’s cereal. What’s even more amazing is the punch it packs at 8.2%, as you really don’t get much of a boozy flavour from it at all. The hops give it a fruity aroma which play into the sweet corn malts. It keeps you sipping it, as the elements really develop over time and it’s hard to wrap your brain around the corn taste. I’m not sure I’d want to drink this over and over again, but it’s a unique flavour that is absolutely worth trying.


Today’s Beer: June 20


Old Yale used 900 mangos to make this wheat beer, and it’s a well-matched combo. The mango aroma and taste is very apparent without being too sweet. The fruit gives it a smooth body while it finishes a bit bitter and a lot wheat. Glad I picked this up, super refreshing after a morning in the sunshine! PS – that’s the Kettle Valley Steam Train in the background!

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