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Twin Sails Lush Crush Pale Ale

I had given up hope on tracking down Twin Sails special releases in the South Okanagan, so imagine how thrilled I was when I discovered Lush Crush Pale Ale at my local CB&W,  Riverside, while on a random beer run this week! I had no idea this was only 3.8% ABV until I grabbed the 2nd can. The aroma and flavour is full, bright and citrusy, courtesy of Citra and Apollo hops. Malted Oats contribute a smooth mouthfeel and cloudy appearance. A light beer doesn’t skimp on flavour or body is much appreciated by someone who is a fan of big, bold flavour but can’t handle more than a couple 7%ABV IPAs without becoming a total goon. Wish this one was a regular offering, I could see this being delightful for cooling off on hot afternoons!


Coast Mountain Brewing The Surveyor IPA

I haven’t had any beer reviews up for a while because my poor phone was killed by an errant pint of beer, which I suppose that although untimely it was the best death it could have had. The bright side is my new phone takes AMAZING photos and in excels in low light too so expect the standards on my feed to go way up! 📸 👍. This particular beer, the Surveyor IPA from Coast Mountain Brewing has been waiting for its turn since I picked it up from Mike (of Mike’s Craft Beer) at the end of February. Gorgeous amber color with minimal head it is a malt-forward IPA that rings in at 7%. Hop aroma is citrusy with a hint of the tropics and a touch of resin – Coast Mountain lists it as containing Columbus, Chinook, Eukanot and Citra. Flavour is grainy with a moderately bitter finish.


Twin Sails Big Boy Pants Double IPA

Wore my Big Boy Pants tonight. Thanks to Mike’s Craft Beer for the trade! I love Twin Sails for their creative IPAs and this Double IPA holds its own against  solid line up. Nice tropical tropical aroma with notes of pineapple and guava. Flavour follows suit, with a nice balance between the hops, malts and a hint of booze from the higher ABV. At 8.7% its a great way to kick off the weekend!


Detonate Brewing is Open for Business

Summerland finally has local craft beer! Detonate Brewing, owned and operated by Nathan Rosier, had their Grand Opening on February 4th. I dropped by and the place was jam-packed  (This actually isn’t too hard to do considering it is a fairly small space). While I was there people were in and out filling growlers and getting flights. Clearly I’m not the only local happy to welcome Detonate to town! I tried a tasting flight of the Call the Hops IPA, Pale Ale and IPA, and found them all to be well executed and balanced.

Nathan Rosier, owner and brewmaster of Detonate Brewing

I came back the following weekend to check in with Nathan after he closed up shop for the day. The hours are currently Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. He says business has been steady since he opened, and he is pleased at the turn out so far. This is pretty impressive given that it is February, which is a slow month in the Okanagan, plus the brewery is tucked away in Summerland’s sleepy industrial area. Clearly there is a thirst for craft beer in the area, and as far as I’m aware there hasn’t been much marketing aside from Facebook posts, so word is travelling fast. As well some members of the other breweries in the area have dropped by to check out the place and offer their support. He already needs to order some new growlers, as they have been flying off the shelves.  He is more worried now about keeping up with demand, rather than having difficulty moving product!

The revamped dairy-tank fermenter, to the right is the old pilot system.

Nathan lives with his wife and two children in West Kelowna, and works full time in Kelowna as a civil engineer. The price for space was prohibitively expensive in the Central Okanagan, which led him to Summerland: close enough to commute and far away enough to be affordable. He had his start as a home brewer in college, and started thinking about doing it on a professional level about 5 years ago. He had been collecting bits and pieces for a brewery for a while, and eventually reached a point where he either had to get serious, or get rid of the collection. DIY appears to be a guiding principle to the construction of the brewery – Nathan has been able to source many items used or re-purposed. 2 Former milk tanks and a dairy chiller were quite easily repurposed into a fermentor, hot liquor tank and a mash-tun. Nathan chuckled telling me “I nearly died getting my cooler off Craigslist”, when a sketchy Craigslist deal in Rutland almost went wrong. He has also invested in a few brand-new items as well, such as his brew kettle made by Ripley Stainless across the street.

Peering inside the cooler and happy to see quite a few kegs!

Nathan’s had his current space since May, and his engineering background came in handy as he was able to do much of the renovations and set up himself. There is a lot of ingenuitive DIY happening in the space as well, and he shows me around with pride over the hard work he has put into getting the large brewing system running! You can see shades of home brewer throughout, for example, we share the same finicky grain mill (although he does have a new Monster Mill waiting to get set up). Nathan figures that as he settles into his new routine he’ll be more aware of what works and what doesn’t and can be more strategic in adapting the space, but for now he has everything he needs to make beer. The space is certainly limited, and once he starts doing bottled product it will be even more so. He recognizes that the retail/tasting space is a bit tight and is considering expanding over into the brewing space slightly to better accommodate his visitors.

The grain room with the souped-up Barley Crusher.

For sales he hopes to do both kegs and bombers, as well as growler fills. He’s already identified a few places to get his beer into, but says the main issue right now will be production. Right now Nathan figures that between his day job and Detonate he is working 80-100 hours a week. He hopes to eventually transition into brewing full time, saying his wife and kids would probably also like to see him at some point too. Eventually he may need to hire someone to help out at the brewery as well, but for now it’s pretty much a one-man show.

The brand-new kettle from Ripley’s, and the re-purposed Hot Liquor Tank in the back.

Nathan has achieved every home brewer’s dream and started his own Brewery. You can see the enormous amount of work that he has put into getting this project off the ground. This is not a glitzy marketing project backed by wealthy investors, no this is creative DIY at it’s finest driven by pure passion for brewing beer! Welcome to Summerland, Detonate Brewing!

Dairy-Chiller turned Mash Tun

Oh yeah… and this is the part where I would post some pictures and review the beer, but I have to admit… I enjoyed the growlers I took home with me so much I totally forgot to do a formal review! I have now tried the IPA, Pale Ale, Call the Hops IPA, Citra Pale Ale and the Stout. I really enjoyed all the hoppy beers, but the Stout really took my breath away. Rich, deep cocoa and coffee flavour with a very mild bitterness. I will be back for a refill of that for sure!



Moon Under Water Brewery Blackcurrant Copper Kettle Sour

The Blackcurrant Copper Kettle Sour by Moon Under Water Brewery is quite fitting for Valentine’s Day with it’s beautiful ruby-red hue. Aroma is tart with a hint of juicy blackcurrant. Flavour is tart upfront, softening into wheat then tart again with blackcurrant prominent on the finish. Very delicate with subtle flavours that come out with each sip. I paired it with some peppered goat cheese from Salt Spring Island Cheese and it’s a match made in heaven! ❤🍻🐐❤


Field House Brewing Eastern IPA

Just completed the final assignment for my English course and I needed something to celebrate! The Eastern IPA from @fieldhousebrewing was the perfect answer. Made with exotic Australian and New Zealand hops the aroma and taste are juicy and fruity with lots of tropical notes. A light body and moderate bitter finish give this NE IPA a bit of a edge, which I have noticed I’ve been missing in other versions of this style. Overall it is refreshing and flavourful without being cloying… The kind of beer I could absolutely drink several in a row of!


Twin Sails Hot Take

I am normally down for weird and creative beers but Twin Sails Hot Take has crossed a line with me. The premise is it’s super hoppy but has zero IBUs (this apparently is not quite accurate it does have some). Done by using late-addition hopping/dry hopping to impart the aroma and flavour but not the bitterness. It smells amazing; fresh, juicy, hints of tropical and a little bit dank. A sip reveals some bright fruity characteristics then… Nothing. It’s just gone. Maybe a teeny tiny little touch of hops on the finish but pretty miniscule at any rate. If anything, Twin Sails has proven what benefit bitterness gives to a beer. I’m finishing up with their Slam Dank just to get some taste back in my mouth!


Yellow Dog Sour IPA

Checking out the Sour IPA at @yellowdogbeer on my @brewersrow mini-crawl tonight. I get quite a bit of funk on the aroma with a twist of citrus/fruit. The flavour is not what I was expecting at all. The sour factor isn’t mouth-puckering (like many of this style are), it’s more of a deep and funky flavour, heavy on the juice and a mildly bitter finish. I like it, but it’s not a sour in the sense of what my palate is used to, overall the funk reminds me of yogurt rather than sour patch kids.


Twin Sails Slam Dank IPA

In between dinner #1 (Green Lettuce) and dinner #2 (Forage) we came to Brewers Row (in Port Moody) to get some beers. Currently enjoying a Slam Dank IPA at Twin Sails Brewing. Not only does the name make me giggle, but the aroma and flavour are delightful as well. Dank indeed with lots of bright, tropical aroma and a good balance of juicy to bitter in the flavour. Yum!


Four Winds Blódberg Nordic Saison

The best thing about staying in Delta is the close proximity to Four Winds Brewing. I’m having the Blódberg Nordic Saison, Scott is having the Triplicity Belgian Tripel. The Blódberg is a collab with Borg Brugghús from Iceland. Foedre Aged with Arctic Thyme and Plums. Not sure I’m getting much thyme off this but I can taste the plum, and it’s a nice mix of sweet and sour with complex favours that build as I get more into it. Another gold star to Four Winds!