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Today’s Beer: August 2


Today’s Beer: Another one from Amsterdam Brewery, the Cruiser. Seems to be an amber ale, on the hoppy side but nicely balanced with malts. Super satisfying on a breezy patio after a hot day of waking around Queen St. West. 


Today’s Beer: I’m on holiday, so I’ve got time to review more than one beer. Maddaddamites NooBroo is an organic gruit from Beau’s All Natural Brewing and a collab with Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson based on the MaddAdam book series. Gruit beers use botanicals other than hops for flavour, and this one has honey, hibiscus, red clover flower, rose hips, elderflower, burdock root, maqui berry and wild cherry bark. This is light, floral, slightly sweet, and a little bit tart. 


Today’s Beer: August 1


Today’s Beer: well it’s not from BC, but it is local relative to where I am. I’d heard of Amsterdam Brewery before getting to Toronto, and I have to say as my first Ontario Craft experience it isn’t too bad. This 7.1% unfiltered IPA brings Amarillo and Centennial hops in along with 4 undisclosed malts, and is naturally carbonated and slightly aged. Something in the mix tastes a little metallic to me, but overall it’s quite nice. Bonus points to the cycling skeleton!