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Cannery Brewing Hop Chowdah New England IPA

I’m writing one of the last papers ever for my degree (yay!) and needed to take a procrastination break. Luckily I had a can of Hop Chowdah, the newest release from @cannerybrewing . Penticton has finally joined the rest of the continent on the hazy, juicy, New England IPA trend! Amarillo and Mosaic hops give lots of tropical and stone fruit flavour and aroma. A bit soft in carbonation with a full, smooth body, bitterness is moderate and lingering but not in a dry-your-mouth-out way. I had this as a grapefruit radler this weekend and it was equally delightful as well as easier to tolerate as at 6.5% this beer packs quite a whollop. It’s apparently only a seasonal but if you can drop by and tell Patt you love it maybe we can get them to keep it around!


Today’s Beer: September 5


I’ve always been a big fan of Dageraad but hadn’t been able to find much from them locally. I found this on a recent trip to the coast, much to my delight. This is a flavour adventure! They took a blonde ale, gave it a Belgian twist with European hops and their house yeast, then dumped a whole bunch of Amarillo hops in there. Aroma is stone fruit with a hint of pine. Taste starts with a hint of sweet malt, then a bit of spice followed by a Belgian finish and then a lingering bitterness. I can honestly say I’ve never had a beer like this before, however while it’s a bit wild the flavours remain cohesive. Oh yeah and it’s 7.5% ABV! TGIF!


Today’s Beer: November 8


Today’s Beer: Powell Street’s Amarillo Sour, a kettle soured ale with Amarillo hops. It has a funky, orchard fruit aroma and the flavor is very tart and juicy finishing sour progressing to bitter with a bit of a hint towards wheat malt. Very interesting but the sour flavour is intense for those who aren’t too keen on this style of beer.