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Yellow Dog Brewing Alpha Dog Fresh Hop Pale Ale

I finally got back on the fresh hop train. I took a break from chasing these down over the past few years as it had seemed like the “new” pumpkin beer – everyone has got one but they aren’t always very good. Got a tip from a hops-loving friend that Yellow Dog’s Alpha Dog Pale Ale was the top fresh hop beer. I don’t have anything to compare it with (I’ve been too busy drinking stouts) but I can definitely agree that it’s super tasty. Nice light body, malts have a presence and the aroma and flavour are very pronounced. Citrus, grass and tropical fruit notes are in the nose; the flavour moves from slightly sweet to slightly bitter, is very fruity and has a fresh, juicy element that you just can’t get from dry hopping. Maybe this is sold out where you are, but Penticton still has a few packs in the fridge at Jaks by Cherry Lane Mall!