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Today’s Beer: August 13


Today’s Beer: I said goodbye to Montréal at Le Saint Bock, and had #16 off their list of 42 beers on tap – the Nux Indica, a house made chocolate coconut porter. It was fantastic, I would have shown you a picture of the beer itself but it was too dark in there. This place was seriously good, their impressive tap list included many in-house beers plus regional and imported beers. My only regret is not discovering it sooner, as it was super close to where I was staying I could have been there every night. If you come to Montréal you gotta check this place out, they are on Rue St. Denis in the Latin Quarter.


Today’s Beer: August 11


Today’s Beer: tried all 15 on tap at Dieu Du Ciel in Montréal and they are as follows with a star for favourite (and forgive the spelling as I’ve been drinking): Pee Wee light ale*, Castelreau brown ale, Le Petit Detour abbey ale*, Rose de Hibiscus blanche with hibiscus*, Chai Ale, Resurrection Porter, Mosaika Pale Ale*, Saison a L’Avoine oat-based GF saison, Libre Frhange foreign exhange stout, Blanche Van Plateau*, Dervierre Volante Belgian IPA*, Moralite American IPA, Solstice D’Etre avec Cherise*, Les Katacombs du Paris double abbey ale*, Peche Mortel stout with coffee* and Cidre Rose. All of them were good, some were exceptional. The food was awsome and the overall vibe was great. Our waitress gave me some suggestions on a few more places to check out while we’re in town as well!