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Today’s Beer: March 24


Today’s Beer: Trou du Diable and Four Winds collaborated on this Apple and Oat Saison. In our excitement to try it my friend broke her cork off in the bottle, prompting jokes of truly being exiled from Eden. We did eventually crack into that one with some elbow grease, a screwdriver and a bit of beer to the face. Once in, this beer was phenomenal. The oats were not entirety detectable but added a bit more texture to the mouthfeel. Aroma was fresh apple with a hint of funk, and the flavour was crisp, dry and a bit of a cross between a saison and a cider. In my opinion neither of these breweries can do any wrong, and this beer is a fine example of some of the best the East and West of Canada have to offer in craft brewing!


Today’s Beer: August 13


Today’s Beer: I said goodbye to Montréal at Le Saint Bock, and had #16 off their list of 42 beers on tap – the Nux Indica, a house made chocolate coconut porter. It was fantastic, I would have shown you a picture of the beer itself but it was too dark in there. This place was seriously good, their impressive tap list included many in-house beers plus regional and imported beers. My only regret is not discovering it sooner, as it was super close to where I was staying I could have been there every night. If you come to Montréal you gotta check this place out, they are on Rue St. Denis in the Latin Quarter.