Today’s Beer: January 23


Today’s Beer(s): Cannery Brewing is hosting a cask night at The Copper Mug in Penticton and have two delicious casks tapped! Both are variations on an amber ale, one dry-hopped with glacier hops (left) and the other with orange peel and honey (right). I tried the glacier version first and there was such an aroma of orange I almost thought I’d been served the other beer. Past the orange flavour it does have quite a hoppy bite and finishes dry with a lingering bitterness. The orange honey is a bit more sweet and a heavier mouth-feel but remains balanced, finishing with a noticable honey flavour. Served with a chocolate brownie it felt like more of a dessert beer whereas the glacier was quite sesionable. If you missed out on this, the Cannery has quite a few experimental beers comimg out through their tasting room recently, so drop by their new location in Penticton and see what’s new this week!


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    Mikescraftbeer January 24, 2016

    I am glad to see that Penticton is getting in on the Casks. Good on Cannery.

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