Twin Sails Hot Take

I am normally down for weird and creative beers but Twin Sails Hot Take has crossed a line with me. The premise is it’s super hoppy but has zero IBUs (this apparently is not quite accurate it does have some). Done by using late-addition hopping/dry hopping to impart the aroma and flavour but not the bitterness. It smells amazing; fresh, juicy, hints of tropical and a little bit dank. A sip reveals some bright fruity characteristics then… Nothing. It’s just gone. Maybe a teeny tiny little touch of hops on the finish but pretty miniscule at any rate. If anything, Twin Sails has proven what benefit bitterness gives to a beer. I’m finishing up with their Slam Dank just to get some taste back in my mouth!


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    Mike's Craft Beer February 11, 2017

    That was the whole point though. It was supposed to be all the juicyness and none of the bitterness lol.

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