Today’s Beer: December 3


Today’s Beer: I’ve been waiting for a while to try Pomona, a “red wine barrel aged stone-fruit sour” from Four Winds. The aroma is delicate, a bit tart with notes of orchard fruit. The flavour isn’t intense up front but builds in complexity as it warms up. Tangy, with juicy, orchard fruit tones with a hint of red wine with a smooth almost creamy finish. There is so much going on in this beer, but in Four Winds typical fashion it is well balanced, bright and refined. The process for making this beer is just as interesting as it is to drink – aged using red wine barrels from the Okanagan (I wonder which winery?) with brett and lacto, then blended with witbeer and aged with apricots for another 3 months in an oak foedre. This is beyond next level.


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