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Central City Brewing Company


Christmas Shopping is a lot more tolerable when there is a brewery at the mall! The Habenero Stout from Central City is a high alcohol brew that balances roast coffee and chocolate notes with a building warmth from the habanero chilis. I really like this beer, and will be looking for a couple bottles to bring home to share for the holidays. The food options are pretty great too with a massive build-your-own burger menu. I think we’ll have better luck shopping with full bellies and a buzz!


Doan’s Craft Beer Company


After a seaside hike, and on our way to the Eastside Flea Market we spotted Doan’s and decided to make a quick stop. Today they have the Kolsch, Altbier, Sticke Altbier and Rye Stout. I’m really digging the Sticke and the Stout, clean yet complex flavours without anything being too “weird”


Rainy Day at Brassneck


I’m in Vancouver for the weekend, so naturally my first brewery stop is at Brassneck! Tried the Bivouax ESB with Spruce Tips, Dixmas collab IPA, Changeling Rosé Sour and Killjoy Stout. I’m really digging the light, seasonal flavour of the Bivouac and the bright, resiney hoppiness of the Dixmas!