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Boundary Brewing & Crannog Ales Not For Nazis Brown Ale

This beer is a very special beer, in several different ways. First of all, this beer marks my slow return to blogging after a long break taken to deal with a cancer diagnosis – if you’re wondering I beat it, and am just being monitored for the next year to make sure it’s gone!

Secondly, this beer has a BIG backstory. Just today I saw Boundary Brewing and Crannog Ales featured on Reddit for their ongoing battle against fascism, which inspired this beer. Pacific Beer Chat did a great interview with Oliver from Boundary if you want the full details, but the short version is that they hung an anti-fascist flag in the brewery in support of the victims of the hate-crime that occurred in Charlottesville last year. Someone from a local militia group got wind of this and rallied a massive online right-wing troll-fest against Boundary for hanging this flag. A shitstorm of threats and criticism occurred, whereby Crannog spoke up, having had the same flag hung in their own brewery for some time, and became embroiled in the fracas. United against fascists, trolls and sharing a great love of good beer as the dust settled the two breweries came together to brew this AWESOME Not For Nazis Nut Brown Ale.

The beer stands on it’s own accord. Call it whatever you want, it’s still delicious. Dark, full bodied with a rich and creamy mouth feel, it walks a fine line between a brown ale and a stout. It’s like Backhand of God’s cheeky little brother. I haven’t even finished my glass yet and I want more. Get it in ya!

The story doesn’t end here yet. Boundary and Crannog sent this beer into the LDB for distribution, whereby the LDB accused the beer of promoting violence and hatred – exactly what both breweries had brewed the beer to fight against. There is a connotation of some anti-fascist groups as being violent in their attacks on Nazis. Now, not all anti-fa groups are violent, and some may say promoting violence against a group that wants to eliminate other groups is justified. Either way, they had to pull the beer and re-market it under the new name of Auntie Fa Brown Ale.¬†

On February 23, I visited Oliver at Boundary Brewing and brought home a bottle of the Not For Nazis to review later on that day. On my drive back home a pick-up truck lost control and crossed into my lane. I avoided a fatal head-on collision by turning¬†into the narrow ditch, but still my car was totaled and I was trapped unconscious in my vehicle for over an hour while emergency crews worked to free my leg that was pinned inside of twisted metal. I spent two weeks in the hospital recovering from major surgery on a complex fractures of my leg and arm, plus a major concussion and other injuries. I’m home now, but have a long road to recovery ahead of me.

Back to the beer, though, I was asking while in ER and high out of my mind what happened to my beer – I was so upset that it had been crushed in the wreckage. My Dad went to my car a few weeks later to try and pull what he could out of it… And sitting there among the crumpled metal and broken plastic was THIS VERY BOTTLE, not a single scratch on it!!! This beer cannot be stopped, not by Nazis, not by the LDB and not even by a Ford F350!


Sorry I’ve been absent…

Ugh I’m super behind on all my posts! I’ve been drinking rad beers with cool people all over BC and I want to tell you all about it, I really do! I blame the deer that hit my car last weekend, the wicked hangover this weekend, and well I guess summer in general for tempting me to go hiking and swimming rather than blogging inside. I do have some good stories though, and I’m going to hopefully get my rear in gear soon and update! Meanwhile here’s a shot of the delicious and hazy hefeweizen I was drinking last weekend at Torchlight Brewing during their grand opening at their new location in Nelson, BC. Super fun party and super good beer!


Kettle River Brewing Cherry Barrel Aged Old Ale

A week ago I drank this Cherry Barrel-Aged Old Ale from Kettle River Brewing, and enjoyed it so much I totally forgot to post it! I have really been enjoying having a creative barrel program so close to home, and I just learned today that a portion of sales from this series also goes towards preserving the Kettle River. I liked these guys already but seeing as how one of my top 5 campsites in BC is along its shores I’m even more inclined to keep drinking! Okay – back to the beer – I can’t tell you much more about the process that’s not already evident from the name. Pours dark reddish-brown with thick, creamy head. Aroma was mostly boozey with dark fruit, the cherry wasn’t distinct but definitely present. The flavour was rich and deep, with a slight caramel finish and again dark fruits as the dominant flavour. One downside was a slight metallic element to the beer, but it wasn’t detrimental to the overall experience.


Ravens Brewing Hot Chocolate Porter

I love me a bright and juicy IPA, or a tart sour, but there are some days where what I really, really want is a rich and deep beer that tastes like dessert. Raven’s Hot Chocolate Porter really takes care of that craving with vanilla and cacao nibs playing up the mix of dark, chocolate and caramel malts. Pours almost black with quickly dispersing head. Aroma is chocolate, vanilla and caramel with just a touch of roasted malt. Flavour proceeds the same way. Very satisfying, and I like that it’s only 6% as sometimes these rich beers can lean towards the boozey end, this one left me still able to carry on with the rest of my day.
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Today’s Beer: July 7


Today’s Beer: it’s another Thirsty Thursday and this Spruce Tip Ale from Postmark is sure hitting the spot! A golden ale base with Cascade hops and Vancouver Island spruce tips. The spruce aroma is subtle, but it became more pronounced as my beer warmed up – smells faintly of Christmas Trees. Flavourwise its a well balanced ale with a bit of zing from the cascade hops, and then a cooling menthol-like finish from the spruce. Even though it smells like a holiday beer, the cooling effect is quite nice for the summer heat. Some might find it a bit intense in comparison with other tree-flavoured beers on the market (this year there seems to be quite a few, are spruce tips the new pumpkin?) but if you’re looking for a more noticeable spruce flavour this is your beer!


Today’s Beer: June 13


Today’s Beer: okay so it’s not a beer, but this cider from Howling Moon is definitely craft. I stopped by the cidery in Oliver a few weeks ago for their opening. The owners are charming and have big plans for their property including a teaching orchard where growers in the valley can come to learn more about cider apples. With farmer’s struggling to make ends meet with dessert apples, it makes sense to look at cider apples, which bring in much better prices! This cider is their dryest version, tart and slightly tannic made with 60% cider apples. I’m not a fan of sweet cider, so this English-style is perfect for me.They also do an off-dry for those who prefer some sweetness and an apple wine blended with late harvest Pinot Blanc grapes. If you’re in the area stop by and say hello!


Fest of Ale 2016!!


Brushing up on the BJCP style guide as I’ve been asked to judge at this year’s Fest Of Ale in Penticton!!! I’m so excited to join some very impressive beer experts and be part of what I think is the best local beer event this April! Tickets are on sale now, so I hope to see you there!